April 15, 2013

Those two words have been going through my head since the moment I stopped being a wimp and finally found a name and started this blog. It’ll be slow going I’m sure. And for the first few months in and out, nothing really regular.  But I’ve got a great support group of friends and family. They all know how much I love to craft, bake and create. So here I go…

But before all that, you’ll probably want to know who I am (and by you, I completely mean my mom, maybe my bf and a friend or two, since that’s all who’s probably reading this right now).

Well Hi!

I’m Justynn (as in ‘JUSTIN’. I’m a girl with a boy’s name. I know, it’s confusing), a twenty-something homeowner with a love for everything crafty, DIY, graphic and anything sweet tasting. I work full time as an office manager of sorts, but after my day job I go home and bake, create, craft and  get into all sorts of antics. I dabble in photography, acquire power tools and love the outdoors. I spoil my boyfriends dog like crazy, I LOVE Tigers Baseball, all things typography and have an unhealthy love of sharpies (This is beginning to feel like a personal ad… “I love walking sandy white beaches in the moonlight…”)

Ok, enough of that, moving onto what this whole blog thing is about…


A DIY craft-aholic, bake (and maybe cooking) and all around home décor blog (cue the trumpets).

Heard enough yet? Alright, I’ll stop chatting and start crafting. Things that are in the “on-deck circle”:

  • Vertical Pallet Garden (Already in progress, spring just needs to hurry up so I can actually PLANT in it.)
  • Gold leafing Art
  • Sharpie Art (I told you, I LOVE SHARPIES)
  • Chalkboard Wall Frame thingy-mah-jig…
  • Homemade Dog Treats

Ok, that’s it for now. Thanks for reading and I will see your pretty face soon!

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3 responses to ABOUT TIME


    I am so proud to be your mom!


    YAY. First comment. Thanks Mom!


    I would like to see what your vertical pallet garden looks like and see some of the dog treat recipes.